Infrastructure Technical Manager

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee activities of IT Operations/Support Center staff to detect Infrastructure issues or failures, resolve where possible, or escalate issues to the appropriate vendor
  • Work closely with other groups within the IT departments to adopt best practices, improved toolsets, and seamless operations
  • Handles Situation Management as required
  • Responsible for supporting complex systems and Infrastructure solutions
  • Oversee detailed design and implementation activities to ensure adherence to standards and best practices
  • Utilizing the infrastructure tools to monitor and manage the environment
  • Contribute to the planning and deployment of new projects activities
  • Participate in technology proof-of-concept activities and provide input on technologies, processes and infrastructure requirements to meet current and future needs
  • Lead, train and mentor IT Operations/Support Centers staff members
  • Develop and maintain IT Planning documentation and diagrams
  • Monitor and maintain integrity of the operator’s security policies, practices and procedures
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Responsible for the team performing the following tasks:

  • Deploying and administering server clusters to achieve HA and LB requirements (Solaris Cluster, VERITAS Cluster, and Oracle Grid Infrastructure)
  • Consolidating existing server infrastructure (Solaris Zones, VMware)
  • Administering directory service to enforce organization policy (MS AD)
  • Administering and configuring middleware and frontend application servers (Oracle AS, Web Services, and Forms & reports)
  • Upgrading, updating and patching the existing systems
  • Providing support for application team to make full use of the current systems (Application functionality and performance)
  • Writing shell/perl/python scripts to automate the system administration tasks
  • Deploy, maintain monitoring tools and systems (EMC Smarts, Big Brother)
  • Administering SAN, NAS, CAS, VTL, and TL solutions. (EMC VMax, Celera, Centera, DataDomain)
  • Utilizing different storage tiers to achieve proper ILM (EMC CTA)
  • Using storage snapshots to refresh reporting/development/test environments (EMC TimeFinder)
  • Provisioning and reclaiming storage to/from systems as the need arises. (SMC, SymCLI, Navisphere, PowerPath, VxVM, CVM)
  • Configuring and administering Backups (EMC Networker, Symantec NetBackup)

Skills & Competency

  • Strong experience in managing SUN servers running Solaris 9, 10, and 11
  • Strong experience in Symantec Veritas products
  • Strong experience in Linux OS
  • Strong experience in SAN environments (SUN and EMC)
  • Strong experience in Oracle databases

Preferred Certificates:

  • Solaris System Admin
  • EMC certificates in Symmetrix (VMAX) solutions
  • Red Hat Certified System Admin
  • Oracle Certified Professional

The opening is in our branch in Egypt. Thus, the application required to be Egyptian or holding a residence permit in Egypt

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