BSS Automation

BSS DashBoard

Is a portal that bridges the gap between Technical & Functional layers of any BSS system. It is purely a customizable portal according to the need of Business dimensions.

The necessity of BSS Dashboard in latest digital world is extremely pivotal over the other available BSS monitoring, as the other solutions can only provide the monitoring agents encompasses only technical alarms. While BSS Dashboard is a customizable portal that can be integrated with any BSS Solution, and can provide key such as

Development Portal

as it can host many non-core routines

This feature can be utilized to avoid CRs, as the outers of application can attach to web-services of any system and the needed functionalities can be achieved through out-of-box solution, to enables the operator to facilitate in-house developments in less time & cost along with standard quality checks.


within and across different BSS platforms, along with graphical representation of the results.

24 x 7 online monitoring

of different BSS systems including (CBS, CBIO, Geneva, TABS, Siebel, etc.).

Reporting automation

various real-time business reports

based on operator demand and needs. In addition to that, Dashboard can generate required reports on scheduled basis.

Alarms customization

based on business needs, as the dashboard can be integrated with any agent/script/tool to pop-up alarms on GUI or broadcast through SMS or Email.