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We are powered by our people. From engineers to senior leadership, our teams are what make our business great. We believe it’s vital to create a great working culture to our employees in different aspects; availing a friendly working environment, building exceptional work experience, and making every member feel safe and recognized.

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SEGMATEK along with its business partners, paving the roads towards success.

It is continuously delivering potent telecom services with versatility to its clients and operate as one-stop-shop to its partners.


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Million is the number of Subscribers are currently being served by Segmatek professional services


countries where we currently provide our services to support people’s communications.

Who We Are

SEGMATEK is a provider of cutting-edge integrated Information Technology solutions and software services for the Telecom Sector Mission Critical Business. Our target is to enrich the Digital Transformation Journey of the CSPs, and bridge the gap between the Technology and Business stakeholders.


Through employing the region’s best IT/Telecom experiences, SEGMATEK started in 2014 and managed to gain the trust of the leading mobile operators in the MEA region, then to expand its delivery footprint to many others in Asia and Europe.


We empower our client’s IT through SIX proven values; capitalize on our large base of IT/BSS consultants, achieve seamless mobilization, avail regional capabilities with local presence, deliver high ROI solutions, being a one-stop-shop for our clients, and utilize state-of-art standards and methodologies in our delivery.


We are specialized in delivering End-to-End IT services across the most sophisticated Telecom Business Process Solutions, such as Revenue Management (Charging & Billing), Customer Management, Product & Marketing Management. As well as complementing the existing Core BSS with surrounding products that shorten the TTM and improve the revenue of our clients

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