IT Consultancy

Transformation enables organizations to serve their customers in new ways, extend their global reach and operate more efficiently. The range of digital technologies available today have the capability to change how we do almost everything. For this reason technology teams in every enterprise have a critical role to play in supporting their business to successfully realize its digital vision.

SEGMA Technology offers advisory services that can help your technology teams in their journey. We have the proven experience in engaging our consultants, combined with our industry insights, methods and technology acumen ensures the right transformation solution to our clients:

Business Transformation

To improve the Customer Experience through adopting proper business insight, which will consequently increase the revenue generation.

Technology Transformation

Enhancing the organization capabilities has to go through architecture evolution for the scattered IT components (Application, Infrastructure, and Data). Selecting the right architecture and technology will help the organization to achieve CAPEX reduction and meet the targeted Return of Investment.

Operational Transformation

Performing holistic assessment covering the four aspects of an IT Operation (Platform, Process, People, and Tools), and guide the decision makers to apply the recommendations towards improving the IT KPIs’ and optimize its OPEX.