SEGMATEK Delivery Model helps to overcome COVID-19 impact

SEGMATEK Delivery Model helps to overcome COVID-19 impact

SEGMATEK Delivery Model helps to overcome COVID-19 impact 931 523 Kareem AbdelKhalek

COVID-19 is an unprecedented pandemic that has made the enterprises realize the worth of digitizing the services. SEGMATEK through its well-established delivery models (on-shore, off-shore & hybrid) already had paved the ways (before the pandemic) to digitally connect its staff & customers through virtual space. So for us, it was a smooth and simple as clicking the button, and it would be quite fair to claim a digitally transformed organization.

But yet there is an evident shift of habits and behaviors of consumers as plethora indoor activities or services are “need” and “want” of the community. Thus, augmenting and impacting the network services as well. SEGMATEK provides an ambiance of radical cooperation and support to let the workforce work effectively and efficiently with mindful pace of its connected staff in various regions through unified platforms.

No doubt, after this pandemic crisis is over, the IT world will go through drastic changes, and there will be shift in the economy. The businesses are transforming and guising them assiduously in IT attire as the world has shifted to e-tools and e-services, depending on communication through the screens instead of an in-person communication.

We are bringing forth the avant-garde ideas and strategies to expand beyond the imaginations. SEGMATEK is developed as a reputed enterprise and is a dynamic company to which our clients look for contemporary ideas and solutions to ensure that they come across as little disruption as possible.

There is a blessing in disguise that masses fathom the nuts and bolts of the Digital World. The telecom sector is working by leaps and bounds to provide the best services in this time of crisis. We are continuously working on ameliorating the services and keep our clients satisfied.